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Supporting Ontario Students' New Graduation Criteria

CanSTEM Education Private School: Fulfilling Ontario's grad requirements with tech credits and online access.

Concern among students and their families has understandably arisen since Ontario recently announced a new graduation requirement. On the other hand, CanSTEM Education Private School is prepared to assist all students—whether enrolled or not—in making this transition easy.

Premier Doug Ford and Minister of Education Stephen Lecce unveiled the new mandate on March 10. It states that in order for students to receive an Ontario Secondary School Diploma, they must finish a “technical education credit” by September 2024 or later, if they attend Grade 9. Students will be exposed to a wider range of skills and job opportunities as a result of this requirement.

Courses that qualify include construction, engineering, computer technology, and hospitality, however more details will soon be available. This credit also covers industries like communications and manufacturing. By providing a range of options, schools enable students to meet graduation requirements and acquire important skills in thriving and rewarding fields.

The dearth of workers in these industries is one factor influencing the Ministry of Education’s decision, which emphasizes how important it is to set up students for successful career paths that will benefit the province of Ontario as well as themselves.

There can be questions about these courses’ online accessibility. CanSTEM Education Private School , however, skillfully handles this problem. We offer the required courses to meet the technical education credit requirement, regardless of whether students choose to follow a fully online program or add online courses to their traditional education.

For example, our Communications Technology courses (TGJ3M and TGJ4M) for Grades 11 and 12 fulfill the requirements for the technical education credit. Students who complete these courses will have the knowledge and abilities to create projects using a variety of communication platforms. The practical skills that students acquire are in line with the rapidly changing technical environments, ranging from TV and video production to digital imaging and broadcast journalism. They also look into employment prospects in this exciting field of communications technology and examine social and environmental issues that are relevant to it.

CanSTEM Education Private School pledges to keep students updated and ready for graduation even as they await more information regarding the new requirement. Additionally, students should anticipate more opportunities to fulfill their changing educational needs as CanSTEM Education consistently adds new courses.

In conclusion, CanSTEM Education Private School ensures a seamless route to academic achievement and future professional preparedness by acting as a dependable partner for Ontario students negotiating the new graduation requirement.

If you have any question how to apply through OUAC? CanSTEM Education Guidance Counsellors are available to assist you!