The Value of Private School Education

Studies have shown that those students who attended private school in the eighth grade were twice as likely to complete a bachelor’s degree later in their academic careers compared to those who attended public school. 

Another study conducted by CAPE (Council for American Private Education) showed that 64% of graduates from private high schools go on to a four-year college in comparison to only 37-40% of those attending public schools. 

These studies show compelling evidence that’s hard to ignore. Those students who went to private school who then go on to college do better financially. This also leads to better self esteem, better job satisfaction and elevated social status. While money can’t buy happiness, it certainly helps. 

Reasons Why Parents Choose Private Schools

Simply put, parents choose private schools to set their children up for greater opportunities later on in life. Here are a few other reasons:

Improving Standards

Children who attend private schools are subjected to a continuously improving higher standard of education. Students are encouraged to rise to challenges, and offer them a more profound understanding of class subjects. This will instill a go-getter attitude that is priceless.

Extracurricular Activities

Any good private school offers extracurricular activities that focus on your children’s overall development. They do so by offering a large variety of different activities, which might tap into your child’s natural gifts and abilities and help to foster them.

Better Teachers

Public school teachers are often frustrated at the constraints of the public school system and unfair wages associated with it. On the other hand, private school instructors have much better working conditions, resulting in better and happier teachers. This translates to better conditions for your children’s learning environment. Private schools are also very particular about who becomes a teacher, and vets their potential employees thoroughly before they are allowed to work with your children.

Parent Participation

Participation from parents is a big focus during private school education. You will be able to monitor your child’s studies very closely as well as be able to be vocal with the school’s practices. The students, parents and teachers all work together in conjunction with each other in order to benefit a student’s success.

Better Discipline

Private schools are very strict when it comes to codes of behaviour and they set high disciplinary standards if these rules are broken. This teaches your children discipline, respect and manners. Small classroom sizes also help to contribute to a more controlled learning environment and this allows for students to get to know their teachers more intimately. Fostering these relationships will diminish any urge to act out and will give your child more time to commit to their studies.

As you can see, there are a lot of major benefits associated with a private school education versus a public one. However, there are obvious benefits to both, overall, private schools can offer the best and most tailored approach to your child’s education. Who can put a price on that? Find out how you can take the steps today to enroll your child at one of the best private schools in Mississauga.


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