The Benefits of One on One Tutoring Services

Is Tutoring Worth It?


Private tutoring services are becoming increasingly popular due to their effectiveness. One-on-one tutoring helps your child develop and learn study skills unique to their style of learning that will help set them up for lifelong success. At CanSTEM we pay attention to every detail that may help our team of tutors to serve our students better! 

Tutoring Services

            At CanSTEM we offer tutoring at the Elementary, Highschool and University/College level for almost every subject we teach. Are you finding it difficult to understand your University/College Math, Science or English course? We have experts for you too. We also offer  SAT prep (Scholastic Assessment Test), AP prep (advanced placement Ontario) and assistance with international baccalaureate courses. Our tutoring program is highly effective due to our focus on the Ontario School Curriculum and our experienced teaching staff, who are genuine school teachers with advanced qualifications in their areas of teaching. We are equipped with all the tools necessary to help you earn credits towards your Ontario Highschool Diploma.

The Benefits

  • Personalized Attention 

         By working one on one with a Tutor identifying the areas that a student may be having difficulty in becomes easier. With that assessment complete the next step is to create a solid plan of action to guide the student towards academic success no matter the subject. 


  • Confidence 

          Every student has a subject that is particularly troublesome for them leading to disinterest and loss of confidence. Subjects such as Math and English are mentioned often in these conversations. The feeling of not understanding content and then doing poorly on an exam can strongly affect a child\’s confidence. At CanSTEM our private tutors work with your child to bridge the connection between information and understanding which will fill your child with confidence not just in the subject but in themselves.


  • New Skill Development 

         One of the best parts about working with a tutor which is not often discussed is the opportunity for the student to learn new skills. Whether it be Math, English, or Chemistry working with a tutor helps build a various set of skills that will benefit the student for years. A tutor helps develop and strengthen study skills, time management skills, problem-solving skills, and critical thinking skills! 

Whether you are worried about passing your next exam or you need help accomplishing your long-term academic goals Contact CanSTEM for help today!


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