Course Code: SBI4U
Course Type: University Preparation
Delivery Options Available: Online / In Class ( You can only choose one )
Prerequisite: SBI3U, Grade 11 Biology


Course Description For SBI4U Grade 12 Biology

This course provides students with the opportunity for in-depth study of the concepts and processes that occur in biological systems. Students will study theory and conduct investigations in the areas of biochemistry, metabolic processes, molecular genetics,  homeostasis, and population dynamics. Emphasis will be placed on the achievement of  detailed knowledge and the refinement of skills needed for further study in various  branches of the life sciences and related fields.

Summary Of Units And Timelines For Grade 12 Biology SBI4U

Below is the suggested sequence of course unit delivery as well as the recommended number of hours to complete the respective unit. Please note that while the unit called “Scientific Investigation Skills and Career Exploration” is not listed below however the specific expectations listed in this unit are threaded and incorporated within the delivery and assessment of the other five units. For complete details of targeted expectations within each unit and activity, please see each Unit Overview found in the SBI4U course profile.

Unit Order Unit Name Suggested Time
Unit 1
Organic Chemistry
40 Hours
Unit 2
Structure and Properties of Matter
25 Hours
Unit 3
Energy Changes and Rates of Reactions
15 Hours
Unit 4
Chemical Systems and Equilibrium
15 Hours
Unit 5
10 Hours
Final Evaluation
2 Hours



110 Hours

Please be aware that, as per Ministry guidelines, CanSTEM Education has a mandatory minimum requirement of 14 days enrolment for students to be eligible for a midterm report card and 28 days enrolment to be eligible for a final report card.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is SBI4U?

SBI4U is a Grade 12 Biology course at a University preparation level.

What Are 4U Courses?

4U refers to the Grade level of the courses and the pathway. 4 means it is a grade 12 course and U means it is a university preparation course.

What Is The Prerequisite Course For SBI4U?
How Long Does It Take To Complete The SBI4U Online Course?

At CanSTEM Education you can complete a high school credit courses as quickly as 4 weeks, or take as long as 12 months.

Will My Marks Be Sent Directly To OUAC Or OCAS?

Yes, we can send the marks for your online courses directly to OUAC, OCAS, your home, and to your day school.

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