CGU4M Grade 12 World Geography: Urban Patterns and Population Issues University/College Preparation

Course Code: CGU4M
Course Type: University/college
Preparation Format: Online / In Class
Prerequisite: None


Course Description For CGU4M Grade 12, Physics University Preparation
Course Description:- The worlds population is growing, it is moving and intermixing, and it is increasingly found in cities. This course explores these changes and the challenges that come with them. It investigates the forces that are shaping the world’s communities, the patterns of interaction between them, the quality of life within them, and their impact on the world around them. Students will apply the concepts of geographic thinking, the geographic inquiry process, and spatial skills and technologies as they investigate issues related to population change and urban life and propose ways of enhancing the sustainability of communities around the world.  

Frequently Asked Question :-

SPH4U is a Grade 12 Physics course at a University preparation level.
4U refers to the Grade level of the courses and the pathway. 4 means it is a grade 12 course and U means it is a university preparation course.Accordion Sample Description.
Prerequisite: Physics, Grade 11, University Preparation (SPH3U)
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