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Ontario College Pathways

Your Manual for Post-Secondary Education

It makes sense that university paths receive a lot of attention when it comes to the path to higher education. However, Ontario’s thriving trade and college programs offer many students the path to success in post-secondary education. However, in comparison to the university route, this path can frequently be difficult to navigate due to the lack of knowledge and support.

Our goal at CanSTEM Education Private School is to provide every student with everything that they need to excel in the path they choose. We’re starting a blog series to offer essential information and guidance to individuals who are thinking about attending college. This will help students succeed in college programs after secondary education.

Looking Into College Careers

The wide range of curriculum and career paths that universities offer could go unnoticed by many students. Some general topics that students can study in college programs include the following, albeit they are not all-inclusive:

  • Agriculture
  • Education, Community, and Social Services
  • Fire, Justice, and Security
  • Professions and Trades
  • Arts and Cultures
  • Environmental and Nature Resources
  • Health Sciences (including Nursing and Nutrition)
  • Transportation and Logistics
  • Business
  • Culinary and Hospitality
  • Engineering and Technology
  • Media

With so many specialist programs included in these categories, students have a plethora of options to consider. We will go into more detail about certain projects in these areas within this blog series.

Simplified Application Process

The Ontario Colleges Application Centre (OCAS) streamlines the application process for individuals interested in attending colleges in Ontario. OCAS provides a consolidated application portal for college programs, regardless of your nationality as an international or Canadian student. OCAS streamlines the application process from account creation to acceptance of admission offers. For convenience, OCAS also provides a mobile app that lets students access their applications at any time and perform research from any location.

CanSTEM Education Private School Support with College Applications

At CanSTEM Education Private School, we help students submit their records and transcripts directly to OCAS, further streamlining the application process. We are here to help you with your college application process, regardless of your age—you might be a mature learner or a high school student.

General Courses for College Achievement

CanSTEM Education Private School provides a variety of broad courses that are suitable to a wide range of professions for students who are still considering their college options. The following core classes can help you succeed in college: 


Both ENG4C (Grade 12 College English) and ENG4U (Grade 12 University English) options are offered. English is required for graduation and is commonly accepted by colleges.


Courses like College Chemistry (SCH4C) and Physics (SPH4C), as well as their university-level equivalents, offer a solid basis for science-based curriculum. 


CanSTEM Education Private School provides math courses that are customized to meet the criteria of different college programs, ranging from Calculus and Vectors to Advanced Functions, making sure students are well-prepared for their chosen disciplines.


At CanSTEM Education Private School, we want students to leave with the knowledge and resources necessary to succeed in the post-secondary paths they have chosen. We enable students to make educated selections and start successful college careers by providing complete support and guidance. Visit here for more advice and insights in our next blogs as we continue to set the stage for students to succeed in post-secondary education.

If you have any kind question? CanSTEM Education Guidance Counsellors are available to assist you!