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Forward-Looking: Summer Courses in 2024

Accelerate academic progress with CanSTEM Education Private School's summer courses, spanning Grade 9 to Grade 12.

As the school year comes to an end and summer approaches, students are thinking about what they want to do over the summer. Summer offers a chance for intellectual improvement through summer classes, even if it’s usually connected with leisure. Summer classes provide flexibility and efficiency in studying, whether you’re trying to make up for lost credits or get ahead for the next school year.

With CanSTEM Education Private School, students can finish a summer course in as short as three weeks and still receive credit toward their high school education, all while taking advantage of summer activities.

Advancement in Grade 9

Making the move from eighth to ninth grade to high school might be intimidating for some children. Active students can also use the summer to gain credits for Grade 9 ahead of schedule, freeing up time in their regular school timetable for elective courses.

Courses in Art (AVI1O), Healthy Active Living (PPL1O), and Core French (FSF1W) are suggested for Grade 9 summer study. These courses offer chances for linguistic growth, physical exercise, and creativity, in that order.

Advancement in Grade 10

Although students have more options for choosing their courses in grade 10, they still need to complete their required coursework. Students can free up their calendar for elective subjects during the school year by finishing Grade 10 mandatory courses over the summer, such as Careers (GLC2O), Civics (CHV2O), and History (CHC2D).

Advancement in Grade 11

Establishing the groundwork for post-secondary study, grade 11 provides a wider selection of course alternatives. It is possible for students to fulfill graduation requirements and investigate additional optional possibilities during the academic year by taking required Math (MCR3U, MCF3M, or MBF3C) and English (ENG3U, ENG3C) courses during the summer.

Grade 12 Advancement

Graduation and post-secondary preparedness are heavily dependent on grade 12. University-level English (ENG4U), a prerequisite for university entry, is one of the necessary courses for Grades 11 and 12 that CanSTEM Education Private School offers. If they want to focus on getting better marks and lessen their workload during the school year, students should also think about taking advanced courses like Physics (SPH4U) or Advanced Functions (MHF4U) during the summer.

Finally, summer classes give students a chance to boost their academic performance and get ready for new challenges. Through the utilization of CanSTEM Education Private School’s summer programs, students can optimize their learning outcomes and position themselves for triumph in the forthcoming academic year and beyond.

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