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Adult Learners' Perspective

On the Shift from GED Testing

Are you an adult learner pursuing your high school certificate or its equivalent? If so, you’ve probably been following the latest changes to GED testing. We’ll examine the current modifications to the GED exam and their effects on mature students in this post. We’ll also talk about alternatives that might end up being even more advantageous than the conventional GED path. Come along as we discuss the effects of the move away from GED testing on adult learners as well as the new paths to success in school.

Understanding GED Examination

For many years, the General Educational Development, or GED, has been the accepted benchmark for adult diploma equivalency. The GED program, which consists of five comprehensive exams, offers adult students in Canada who did not finish high school a chance to demonstrate their secondary school knowledge and obtain a certificate that is comparable to the OSSD (Ontario Secondary School Diploma).

Updates: GED Testing Will No Longer Be Performed

The American corporation Pearson Vue, which is in charge of administering GED exams in Canada, has declared that it would no longer be offering the test there. The precise reasons for this decision are still unknown, even though it has received extensive press. What is clear, though, is the huge void it creates in the adult learning environment.

Adult students must register for the GED by January 1st, 2024 (which has already passed), and must take the test by March 31st, according to a deadline set by the corporation and Canadian ministries. GED testing will no longer be available in Canada after this date, therefore many adult students will need to find other ways to prove their high school competency.

Adult Learners' Implications

Many prospective adult students are shocked and disappointed by the announcement that the GED test would no longer be offered. To expedite their equivalent to a high school diploma, the GED test provided a simple, one-stop shop. Adult learners find themselves in an unsettled position following its departure. Many students urgently need their high school equivalency certificate, so they cannot wait indefinitely, even though the nature of the government-backed replacement is unclear.

Luckily, there are options. The subsequent sections will look into a feasible substitute for the GED, with a focus on PLAR (Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition) and high-quality, ministry-inspected online school in Canada.

PLAR & Flexible Online Schools as an Alternativ

The Ontario government states that “adult learners can also access Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) through school boards to earn their Ontario Secondary School Diploma” in its letter regarding the discontinuation of the GED exam.
The high school equivalency program that can be obtained through this efficient approach is here to stay. Additionally, although it might not seem as appealing as a single, “one-and-done GED exam,” it can be just as easy, uncomplicated, and adaptable.
All the information you require to obtain your diploma as an adult learner in the post-GED environment is provided below.

PLAR: A Chance to Be Recognized

PLAR offers an official assessment and credit-granting procedure that enables mature students to receive credit for previous education. This procedure complies with provincial curricular requirements while acknowledging both formal and informal learning. 

Online Education: Filling the Gap

Online courses are provided by CanSTEM Education Private School as an alternative for older students who require more credits than PLAR. Our self-paced, adaptable courses let students finish their diploma requirements quickly and easily.

Advantages of CanSTEM Education Private School

There are various advantages of choose CanSTEM Education Private School over regular GED testing.

Flexibility: Students can study at their own pace and convenience with our online courses, which have no set start or finish dates.
Personalization: Students can customize their educational experience to fit their unique needs and interests with self-paced learning.
Support: Throughout their academic journey, students are guaranteed to get complete support from our committed teachers and round-the-clock tutoring services.
Convenience: By removing the requirement for in-person attendance, remote learning offers a more flexible and accessible learning environment. 

In summary

CanSTEM Education Private School provides a helpful and efficient substitute for adult learners, even though the elimination of the GED may seem like a loss. Mature students have the flexibility, individualization, and convenience of pursuing their high school equivalency through PLAR and online learning. We cordially invite you to review our offerings and arrange a consultation with one of our academic advisors if you’re prepared to start your journey toward a high school diploma.

If you have any kind of question? CanSTEM Education Guidance Counsellors are available to assist you!