CanSTEM Education Private School

Appropriate Computer Use Policy:-

Learning Management System (LMS) at the CanSTEM Education Private School is designed for educational purposes only. All use of any LMS tool within course for any purpose other than the intended educational purpose is prohibited. The inappropriate uses include, but are not limited to,  criminal, obscene, commercial, or illegal purposes. The administration has the right to review all student work in order to determine the appropriateness of computer use. If the LMS is deemed to be used inappropriately, the Administration will levy consequences which may include suspensions and/or removal from the program. In some cases, further action may be taken including contacting day schools, legal representation or the police. Students need to be very vigilant in order to prevent them getting into a situation where they may be suspected for inappropriate use.

Therefore, students are reminded to

  • Always protect their passwords and not share them with anyone
  • Always inform their teachers of suspicious messages or other incidents that they encounter
  • Always only access content that is intended for student use.