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  • Order number: 8451
  • Date: April 13, 2024
  • Total: $499.00
  • Payment method: In Person or INTERAC® eTransfer

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Product Total
TIJ1O Grade 9 Exploring Technologies Open × 1 $499.00
Subtotal: $499.00
Payment method: In Person or INTERAC® eTransfer
Total: $499.00
Apply as an International Student?:No
Do you have a valid Canadian education Visa?:Yes
Student's Email:[email protected]
Student's Last Name :Patel
Student's First name:Mahak
Address 1:50 Milady Rd
Province / State:Ontario
Postcode / ZIP:M9L 2H8
Date of Birth:2024-04-12
Student's Phone Number:9999999999
Parent/Guardian Phone Number:9999999999
Parent/Guardian email:[email protected]
Prerequisite Requirement:I agree
Refund Policy:I agree & accept
Electronic Signature:Mahak Patel

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