Course Code: HPD4C

Course Type: College Preparation

Preparation Format: Online / In Class 

Prerequisite: Any university, college, or university/college preparation course in social sciences and humanities, English, or Canadian and world studies


Course Description For Working with School-Age Children and Adolescents, Grade 12, College (HPD4C)


Course Description :-

This course prepares students for occupations involving school-age children and adolescents. Students will study a variety of theories about child behaviour and development, and will have opportunities for research and observation and for practical experiences with older children. Students will become familiar with occupational opportunities and requirements related to working with older children and adolescents. They will develop research skills used in investigating child and adolescent behaviour and development.


Frequently Ask Question

ENG4U is a Grade 12 English high school course at a University preparation level. ENG4U is a required prerequisite course for all university programs.
4U refers to the Grade level of the courses and the pathway. 4 means it is a grade 12 course and U means it is a university preparation course.
At CanSTEM Education Private School you can complete an online highschool credit courses as quickly as 4 weeks, or take as long as 12 months.
Prerequisite: English, Grade 11, University Preparation
Yes, we can send the marks for your online courses directly to OUAC, OCAS, your home, and to your day school.

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