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Plagarism Policy

Plagarism Policy:

CanSTEM Education Private School expects that all people in our learning community to behave in an honest manner, Plagiarism is defined in Ministry Policy as the use of the language and thoughts of another without attribution, in order to represent them as one’s own original work. The Administrative Team and the teachers will make it clear to students that the evaluations that they complete must be their own work and that cheating and plagiarism will not be condoned. The Administration and the teachers will address the prevention of cheating and plagiarizing by communicating with the parents and the students the process of documents to be utilized by the school. The teachers may use whatever means of detecting cheating and plagiarism that best supports student achievement and success.

When responding to students who have plagiarized, or cheated, the school will use a clear procedure that considers four mitigating when determining the appropriate outcomes and support for the student. The challenge for William School is to have each student achieve his/her academic potential.

The four factors include:

  • Grade level
  • Maturity of the student
  • The number and frequency of incidents
  • The individual circumstances of the student

When a student plagiarizes or cheats, the student does not provide evidence of achievement according to the achievement chart in each subject discipline. The principal and the teacher will choose from a variety of possible responses. Other than Final Evaluation Procedures in University Preparation Courses, the opportunity to demonstrate achievement of the overall expectations in a similar evaluation will be provided. A mark of zero may be a resolution depending on the mitigating factors.

In each instance of Plagiarism and Cheating, there will be a record in the OSR of the event and a record of the decision made and a copy of the letter informing parents of the occurrence and the resolution by the school team.

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