Perspectives on Screen Time in a Pandemic

There are different opinions regarding children and screen time. Some parents are fans, while others are not and there is no right or wrong approach. This is especially true during a pandemic, so if you are allowing more screen time because of the unique circumstances of the past few months, you are not alone and a lot of parents are making exceptions to get through this difficult and challenging period. COVID-19 has affected our lives and everyday routines, and students have been unable to attend school as a result. Most parents are working from home and students have to complete their studies remotely. In many ways, screen time has become a necessity because it has allowed people to stay connected during these uncertain times. Teachers have been able to connect with their students, children have been able to keep in touch with their friends and families have been able to connect while in isolation. Feelings and emotions have changed during this unprecedented time and going from social environments to isolation have been frustrating and difficult for us all, especially children who may not fully understand the effects of the pandemic. If you normally limit screen time and are feeling guilty about allowing it more these days, you are not alone. You should not feel this way because there are benefits, and here are a few: Screen time is a connection tool. Your child can stay in touch and play with friends through videos on a computer, tablet or smartphone. Screen time can help prevent feelings of loneliness, which is something a lot of people are struggling with while being isolated in quarantine. It is extremely important to protect and take care of your mental health during this unique time and staying connected to your loved ones will help with this aspect. Screen time does not have to be bad. There are plenty of educational websites that are fun and provide a great learning experience. Children can learn a lot through educational games and will feel entertained at the same time. Screen time can be about learning and children can make new discoveries and explore their creativity through a curriculum and different programs that can teach them to draw or craft, for example. Screen time is a way for your child to have fun. Learning should be a priority; however, a little bit of fun is okay, too, especially now. As long as you monitor your child’s screen time, it is okay to allow them to play a few games to help them with their new reality. They may not understand why everything is suddenly closed and why they must remain at home but allowing them to play a few games and connect with family members and friends will help them feel more comfortable. Can stem Education understands the difficulties of this pandemic. We are a private school that offers high school credit courses and night school. If you have been looking for a private school near me in the Brampton or Mississauga areas, give us a call, and we will provide you with more information.


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