How to Stop Your Child from Hating School

Children hating school is a fairly common problem and it’s something a lot of parents have to deal with. Negative feelings towards school can make their academic experience both frustrating and challenging, and the first thing to figure out is why they feel this way. Once you have this information, you can find a suitable solution to help your child find joy in learning.The following are just some of the reasons why your child may hate school and exploring them will help you turn your child’s negative attitude into a positive one:


The school may not be accommodating their learning style

Every child learns differently and the standard method of teaching consisting of a teacher at the front of the classroom may not fit your child’s learning style. Young brains are unique and constantly developing and not every student will thrive in a standard environment. This one-size-fits-all approach may not be suitable for your child and if they are struggling with the approach, they may develop negative feelings towards school. Finding your child’s preferred learning style will help you structure the way they learn at school to make it more enjoyable for them. If your child loves music, for example, you can play some songs while they are studying at home to make the experience fun.

Undiagnosed learning exceptionalities

ADHD, dyslexia and physical issues like vision impairments are just a few of the many exceptionalities that a lot of students face. Undiagnosed problems such as these can be very frustrating for children and can easily lead to hatred of their school. It can also lead to depression and social alienation, which is why it is so important to look out for any signs and to work with the school so that together, you can complete an assessment and determine a diagnosis. These issues can be hard to deal with; however, knowing the truth will allow you to take the proper steps so that your child can face their learning struggles and enjoy their school experience.

Social or psychological issues

Young students don’t always share their feelings and they may be experiencing depression, harassment, anxiety, bullying or substance abuse, just to name a few examples. Approaching these types of situations can be challenging because the issues are extremely sensitive and complicated; however, approaching your child with love and empathy may get them to open up. Understanding and resolving the problems that are troubling them will not only help them do better academically but will also help them find happiness at school as well.

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