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High school day and night classes

High School Classes

High school, also sometimes called “senior high school” or “secondary high school,” marks the end of compulsory education in Canada. It normally runs from grades 9 to 12. It ends in grade 12 in all provinces except Quebec. In Quebec, after grade 11 students instead proceed to a pre-college or university program such as CEGEP.

High School Night Classes

CanSTEM Education is also offering Night Classes. Night school typically refers to adult education classes held in the evening hours at middle and high school campuses. For adults, these classes are mainly geared toward personal enrichment and furthering of job or life skills. In other cases, many high schools offer night school as an option for students who are unable to attend day classes or need to retake failed courses to complete the requirements for their high school diplomas.

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Night School Credit Courses Mississauga
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