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Attendance Policy

Attendance Policy:

The Ontario Ministry of Education identifies attendance as an important component of the evaluation of student achievement. Class attendance is compulsory for all students. Any absences will be logged by school officials. Punctuality at all classes is expected as it is a mark of respect for oneself and one’s fellows.

Reporting Absences:

Students under the age of 18 must have their parents/guardians notify the school prior to the start of class if the student will be absent that day. Parents/guardians may also call in or provide a written note explaining the absence. Students that are over the 18 are required to provide a doctor’s note for any extended absence or risk withdrawal for non-attendance. School officials will keep a log of all absences and explanations of those absences. Students are expected to catch-up with any course work that they have missed during their absence.


Students who do not arrive for the start of classes will be marked as late. Students who will arrive more than 30 minutes after the start of classes will be marked as absent.


Legitimate Reasons for Lateness or Absence:

  • Medical/Dental appointments; students must notify the office of any absences due to appointments and provide valid note from the doctor.
  • Illness or Emergency; students that experience illness during the day must notify the office who will arrange for the student to phone parents/guardians and/or be sent home. In the case of emergency, students must notify the office before leaving the school. Leaving the school without notifying the school will result in an absence. **Note: School officials are not allowed to dispense medicine to students.

Consequences of Frequent Absences or Tardiness:

Parents/guardians will be notified if a student has missed all or any classes during the day. 1 – 4 illegitimate absences will warrant a warning to the student and their parents/guardians. Unexplained absences totaling to 5 or more days is unacceptable. Parents/guardians will be notified if a student’s success, based on the Principal’s judgment, is jeopardized by such absences. A meeting between school officials, the student, and the student’s guardians will be held to explain the consequences of the absences and to discuss steps to improve. Consequences include:

  • Withdrawal from the course (see, Course Withdrawals, Sec. 3.7, pg. 21)
  • Possible failure of the course and loss of credit

Extended Absences:

Students and parents/guardians are encouraged to take holidays that align with school closures. If this is not possible, the following steps must be taken:

  • Student and/or Guardian (if under the age of 18) must sign a form of their intention to be absent at least two weeks before leaving.
  • All of the student’s teachers must sign the form and detail the work that must be done before the absence.
  • The form must be returned to the office for final approval.
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