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The only private school with 99.97% of 5 star rating with 1275 reviews.

Vansh ChodhaVansh Chodha
18:56 11 Jan 24
Amazing teaching skills and great learning atmosphere
rajbir Singhrajbir Singh
21:22 09 Jan 24
This is Rajbir Mangat and I would like to state I have been a CanSTEM Student and I honestly would recommend this private school for everyone.
jaitej randhawajaitej randhawa
20:54 09 Jan 24
malvin kalsimalvin kalsi
04:38 09 Jan 24
Canstem is an exceptional private school that truly stands out. This school has passionate teachers and a strong curriculum. It’s a nurturing environment where students flourish. Highly recommended for anyone seeking a quality education in a supportive community!
ahmed effatahmed effat
23:33 08 Jan 24
20:07 02 Jan 24
Canstem Education has been a game-changer for me! The personalized learning, supportive environment, and engaging curriculum make every day a positive experience. I've grown academically and personally, thanks to the dedicated staff and enriching activities. Highly recommend this school for an amazing education!
Shubham UpretyShubham Uprety
14:11 05 Dec 23
Studying at CanSTEM private education was an exceptional experience for me. The personalized attention from knowledgeable instructors fostered a dynamic learning environment. Completing advanced functions at CanSTEM not only deepened my understanding of complex mathematical concepts but also equipped me with practical problem-solving skills. The small class sizes allowed for meaningful interactions, ensuring I received the support needed to excel. The institution's commitment to a comprehensive education was evident through well-rounded programs that complemented my academic journey. Overall, CanSTEM's rigorous curriculum, dedicated faculty, and supportive community made it an ideal place for me to thrive academically and personally.
Erin PhamErin Pham
01:10 25 Nov 23
CanSTEM is an amazing private school! I recently completed the MHF4U course there, and I couldn't be happier with the experience. The instructors were incredibly knowledgeable and supportive throughout the course. The curriculum was well-structured and engaging, making it easier for me to grasp complex math concepts. I felt well-prepared for exams and assignments, thanks to the thorough teaching methods at CanSTEM. I highly recommend CanSTEM to anyone looking for a top-notch education in a welcoming and supportive environment. Keep up the great work, CanSTEM!
20:45 22 Nov 23
Having completed my Grade 12 Advanced Functions at CanSTEM Education, I am genuinely impressed by the holistic approach to education provided here. The school offers more than just a curriculum; it's a nurturing environment where individual growth is fostered.The teachers not only excel in their subjects but also serve as mentors. Their dedication surpasses typical school standards, ensuring students grasp concepts thoroughly and encouraging critical thinking without imposing shame or pressure for incorrect answers. I found that the one-on-one help makes the entire learning experience more personalized and enriching, catering to the needs of us students.The school's culture promotes a strong sense of belonging. The staff, including the principal, Mr. Raj, creates such a supportive atmosphere where students feel valued and motivated. He consistently encourages us to improve and become better versions of ourselves. His unwavering belief in us, the students, as the future of tomorrow, is something that distinguishes this place from anywhere else.
Tegbir DhamiTegbir Dhami
01:48 21 Nov 23
I recently completed a courses at CanSTEM Education Private School, and I couldn't be more pleased with my experience. The school's commitment to providing a high-quality education is evident in its well-structured courses and dedicated instructors. What impressed me the most was the flexibility and efficiency of the program. I was able to complete my courses in a timely manner without compromising the depth of learning. The supportive staff and engaging curriculum made the entire process enjoyable. I highly recommend CanSTEM Private School to anyone seeking a comprehensive and efficient education. Thank you for a fantastic learning journey!
Henry DoHenry Do
04:33 18 Aug 23
I feel incredibly fortunate to be a student at this outstanding private school. I rate it 5/5
Savannah LecotSavannah Lecot
14:55 17 Aug 23
Canstem Education Private School's MCV4U course proved to be an exceptional academic experience.The engaging teaching style and personalized attention from instructors created a stimulating learning environment that greatly enriched my language and literary skills. I'm absolutely thrilled with this institution and would recommend others to attend this school.
Gurlovjot KaurGurlovjot Kaur
03:16 17 Aug 23
They are a great school with great and very helpful teachers. I really liked how there online calls es world it was well organized and if you ever needed help you could just go in or email them and they would get back to you fast.
21:38 14 Aug 23
Great Classes, Easy to enroll. Must have if you are looking to enroll into a prestigious program.
zainab nazirzainab nazir
21:24 14 Aug 23
I recommend 100% they are so understanding and help with everything when needed they are patient and actually care for their students. Very thankful 🫶
18:46 13 Aug 23
CanSTEM has been a wonderful addition to my study routine. It's like having a friendly guide right there with me. The insights provided have really helped me understand complex topics in a much simpler way. Thanks to CanSTEM, I've found studying to be more enjoyable and less overwhelming.
00:18 10 Aug 23
great school, with great staff. definitely helped me in my time of need and will forever be in debt to them! highly recommend if you want quality content with results to match.
Dilbaag DhillonDilbaag Dhillon
22:45 06 Jun 23
I am absolutely thrilled with this institution! The teachers here are truly exceptional, exhibiting outstanding expertise and a deep commitment to helping students succeed. I have never encountered a more supportive and knowledgeable group of educators. Whenever I required assistance, there was always a friendly and dedicated staff member ready to lend a hand. I must express my deepest gratitude to Mr. Raj and Ms. Sajjala, whose exceptional guidance and unwavering support have been instrumental in my journey. Their expertise and dedication have truly been invaluable. I highly recommend this school to everyone.

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