5 Ways A Tutor Can Help Students With Exceptionalities

Everyone learns differently, as each person is their own unique individual. Tutors often opt into their position because they feel as though there is no feeling quite like being able to reach a student who was previously struggling through their work.

This is only one aspect of tutoring, however, as one does not necessarily need to simply be struggling with a particular subject to benefit from one. Many young people could have situations that make teaching them an extra challenge, like ADHD, dyslexia, PTSD, or other disorders that mean some students learn differently than others. In a general classroom setting, this can be overlooked, and students can get left behind.

Here are five ways that a tutor can help empower these students, and allow them to reach their full potential simply by having the proper skills and a desire to help.


1. Safe, No Pressure Relationship

Life and school can be quite difficult for someone who has these sorts of exceptionalities. The pressure to deal with a situation can be difficult and hard to cope with, especially when parents are either too busy or equally overwhelmed to help their children with their issues. This pressure can be added to the parents as well, which can mean that they become distracted and find their other pressures become worse.

This is where a tutor can help immensely. Most people have home and work stresses that compound to fill their plates, but helping be a teacher is their work. They are a consistent voice with whom a child can feel comfortable talking to and feeling safe with, which goes a long way to helping a child learn and grow. It helps them not worry so much that their voice is not being heard, and that their problems are being acknowledged and addressed.

2. Self-esteem

A tutor will provide more of the targeted attention a student needs to be able to learn properly, instead of relying on a teacher that needs to have a universal teaching style that may not suit everyone. When they’re falling behind and feel as though their exceptionality is holding them back, it can feel like they are something less than a full person, which is extremely damaging over time. By giving a struggling student with exceptionalities a way to learn that makes sense for them, they will gain a greater sense of self and confidence that will translate to the regular classroom and life in general.

3. Communication

Many times, students will feel isolated in a classroom where there is often little time to address individual needs or concerns. A tutor is there specifically for the individual, and can ensure that everything is understood before moving on. Where a student might be able to stay completely silent in a communal classroom, much more communication is required in a tutoring setting, and a tutor will naturally draw out thoughts, opinions and feelings from the student purely out of necessity determined by the teaching style, and thereby helping them to express themselves in a meaningful and productive way.

4. Humanizing Exceptionalities

Putting a name to something that has caused an issue in the past can be both liberating and adding extra weight to the pile. It can help a student understand how to deal with what they have, but can also make it feel like they are different and can’t fit in with the rest of the crowd. Tutors can not only help a student deal with their differences, but also show them that it’s merely a difference, and nothing more. It’s something that makes them a unique individual, and it’s okay that they function in a way that is different from the majority of others.

5. Working Beyond Academia

You may be hiring a tutor for the initial purpose of assisting with studying and academic skills, but as is clear in many of the points above, a good tutor can go beyond the theory and help them deal with their exceptionalities in general. They can be a comfortable voice that has less stake in their lives compared to parents, and can provide a more active role compared to traditional teachers. Tutors can be confidants and good friends to their students, all in the name of helping them achieve greatness.

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