5 Benefits of Earning College Credit in High School

As your child navigates through high school, there’s no doubt that college prep is at the forefront of both you and your child\’s minds. After all, college is the next big step, and there are many factors to consider.Perhaps you’re thinking about which school they should apply to or which extracurricular they can take to enhance their application. But how about earning college credits?

It may sound crazy, but attending college-level courses during high school may be the best way to prepare them for what’s to come. Here are five major reasons why your child should consider earning college credits now:

A college Is A Balancing Act

Having good time management is an essential life skill and can make or break a college experience. Balancing academics, extracurricular activities and social life during college is no easy feat. Under the guidance of parents and teachers, taking college-level courses during high school will teach your child how to manage their time at a more manageable pace. Besides, entering college will be a lot less intimidating if they already know about the expectations and the workload required!

Explore Different Interests Early, And Dive Deeper

Taking college courses will help your child make an informed decision on what they want to focus on in college. College-level courses give students the chance to gain a much deeper understanding of their chosen subject than they would be able to in high school. It is also an opportunity for them to explore career pathways and fields of study they might not have considered before.

Improve Admission Chances

Earning college credit not only prepares students academically, but it also distinguishes them from other applicants. Colleges often note applicants who have completed college-level courses as it demonstrates their motivation, interest, and ability. While admissions officers evaluate applicants as a whole, attending college-level classes early definitely gives students a leg up!

Finish College Early

The first two years of college are often spent completing required general education classes, many of which are available for students to take during high school. Earning college credits in high school can free up students\’ time to focus on their interests and personalize their college experience. Students could also accelerate their time in college and possibly graduate early.

Start Early To Start Saving

The cost of college quickly adds up when you consider the cost of classes, accommodations, transportation, food and more. While it isn\’t free to take college courses in high school, it is significantly cheaper. Going into college with several credits under the belt could mean saving thousands of dollars, especially if your child graduates early.

Are you still wondering what would be the best step forward for your child?

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